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I'm Nessa / Pan and Gender Fluid / Drummer / Adventurer / Aliens / Disney / phd in Horribleness Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anonymous said: You're super super rad DJ Nessy Ness

Oh god who is this wowie ily let’s get married in space on Saturn’s Rings, seriously wow

Shirt I found in Hollywood for $10 from 1976!
🐁💫Pröm Piks💫🐁
New bed sheets!
The 90s Guide to Getting a Girl


this video is more iconic than cher lloyd’s career tbh

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A big belated Happy Birthday to the best hubby ever put together💕🌙

This would never go in a Funeral Home

Bats time


sims 4 advertising “gay sims” like we havent been making our sims gay since the game first came out lmfao


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